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Welcome to German Classes & Tutoring Toronto

You would like to speak German more fluently in private or at business meetings? Your language skills are a bit rusty? Theese tutoring classes will help you to feel confident and speak German fluently. To be able to hold a conversation confidently, able to read newspapers, magazines and books.

I am distinguished for my enthusiasm and patience. You are taught directly in the target German language, and that from the very beginning.

Our Courses


Our courses are perfect if you need or would benefit from a new language for business. Typical students include those involved in international negotiations and acquisitions, people seeking work or advancement within multinational companies where an additional language is required.

Our Learners


Many learners are those working with international colleagues, in academia and government, for example. After studying our course for Beginners, students should expect to leave the course with basic Telephone German and e-mail German skills for communicating as well as Survival German required for a short visit to a German speaking country.