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Yvone Bilo

George has been supportive in every way as before. He is very patient with each of us, especially the late-comers and those that didn’t show up in previous class. He truly understands where each of our weakness is and tries to help to improve our skills as much as he can. Most important, he treats us as adults and gives us respect, and is very patient with all of us.

Edward Tahiri

German class is very interesting. The teacher hands over printed copies of the subjects and provide details of each of them. He also engages us in conversations and defines groups of students that should work together in dialogs. The curriculum puts a lot of stress on grammar. Overall it is great....        

Aida Tahiri

What I like about our German class is that we are an active part of the learning process. We are encouraged to express ourselves in German ( as difficult as that is!). I expect in the latest phase of this course to be able to write essays in German and to be able to carry on simple conversations. It is a very nice atmosphere and learning the language has been fun!

Stevo Basaric

I attended schools from preschool and kindergarten through primary, middle and high school, all the way to college and university, both in Europe and North America, took courses related to work, still never encountered more dedicated and knowledgeable teacher than you Mr. Vasic…. You make people of different educational levels and background feel like unit within which nobody is neglected….

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