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Why are Private German classes the best?

Go at YOUR own pace: You can go at your own pace, not too fast or too slow as is likely to be the case in a group, where you can often feel left behind or feel that you already know everything the class is covering.

Focus on YOUR needs: the teacher can focus on exactly what you need to work on. If you have trouble with pronunciation, the teacher can spend more time on that, if grammar or confidence (fluency) is your problem, she can work with you on that. If you need to cover business German or are learning so you can understand your spouse's in-laws, she can focus on theparticular language of that subject.

Flexibility for YOU: You can also have the class whenever you want, the teacher will come when you want the class! Morning, afternoon, evening, even on a weekend - if that is when you want to study, that is what you can do with private classes. If you need to travel or have an urgent doctor's appointment or business meeting on the day when you normally take your class, you can let your teacher know and rearrange that class without losing your money.

Students Testimonials


George has been supportive in every way as before. He is very patient with each of us, especially the late-comers and those that didn't show up in previous class. He truly understands where each of our weakness is and tries to help to improve our skills as much as he can. Most important, he treats us as adults and gives us respect, and is very patient with all of us.