Tesla, An Evening With Genius

A play by: J. Michael Newlight and Frank Tabbita with Frank Tabbita as Nikola TeslaDennis Cartell - Director; Jeffery Amaral - Production Manager/Lighting


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About the Play: In the intimate setting of the one-man play, this heartfelt stage production details the scientific, spiritual, and emotional aspects of a scientist, physicist, engineer and inventor who dedicated his life to the betterment of the human race with the production of electric power.The play takes audience back to January 1943, where we find Nikola Tesla alone and impoverished in a hotel room in New York talking to the pigeons on the windowsill. Throughout the play, he recounts his life in a stream-of-consciousness flow of memories. Tesla, the inventor of alternating current (AC), radio, wireless energy transmission (who foresaw the future of wireless phones), looks over the city and tells the audience, "New York, a magical city of light, electrified by my alternating current system?Yet, you should have had all this without the wires. Unlimited, boundless energies of the ether benefiting all mankind.Tesla is played by American actor Frank Tabbita who already has had a number of successful performances of this play in USA, Europe, Australia and Vancouver.Organized by: Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Toronto Section
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  • Thursday November 6th at at 8:00 pm - $20, students and seniors $15
  • Friday, November 7th at 8:00 pm - $25, students and seniors $20.
  • Saturday, November 8th at 8:00 pm - $25, students and seniors $20

Due to the high interest for the play, we increased the number of performances to 3. We decided to show the play on Thursday November 6 in addition to Friday, and Saturday Nov. 7 and 8.

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Please take subway to College station, take a streetcar east to Jarvis St. Walk just one block north to Betty Oliphant Theatre.

Play organised by: Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Toronto Section
If you need additional information, please contact Vasilj Petrovic, P.Eng. PMP at vpetrovic@sympatico.ca